Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Hollidrama

Lakin performed in her second ever preschool Christmas program and this year did not disappoint. Lakin even asked me to straighten her hair and put it in a pony.  She looked so grown up and I was delighted that we weren't going to have to fight over gypsy hair and the flower headband she's been sporting non-stop the last couple of days.  If you see my child out in public, know that I have combed her hair, I did make an effort - but as soon as it's combed and smooth, Lakin likes to add her own flair in the form of barrettes and headbands.  And you know what, I'm not going to die on that hill.  If I have to choose, I will fight the battle for clean underwear daily.

So, we straightened her hair and I helped her into her Christmas dress (which I picked out without her and without having her try it on) and immediately wondered if the ruffles made her look like a Jetson or sophisticated and adorable.  But once the tights and boots went on, the outfit felt complete and less like a Halloween costume.

Lakin also wore her Gigi's baby ring, a very special and precious heirloom Gigi had given her when we were home for Thanksgiving.  Gigi wore that ring when she was Lakin's age and the two of them had a needed discussion about how to be responsible with real jewelry.  Lakin was so excited to wear it and show her teacher and friends the very beautiful ring on her finger.  She kept it on the whole night and even asked me to hold it once we got to the car since her finger was feeling "too tired" to continue wearing it.

We snapped a few photos before we headed to school.

And Miss Lakin was eager to get to her program.  I intended to take some photos of the kids by the Christmas trees at church, but by the time we made it out of the program both children were in no mood to stand and smile and the preschool parent stampede was more than we could brave.  So glad we took the time to take some photos at home before we left.

Filing in.  Take a minute and marvel at what 5 minutes and a hair straighter can do for this girl's locks.

Lakin spotted us once she was in position.  This was the beginning of about 5 minutes of waving and blowing kisses and thumbs up.

I mean, she's so adorable.

Getting a few side eyes from her gold booted classmate.  Lakin and Ben were having a sibling moment.  Bennett kept yelling, "Lady." at Lakin.  And she would wave and smile.

She's a ham.  I don't know where she gets it from?  Thoughts?

Moved by the Spirit into silent prayer for the message of the evening?  Perhaps.

Her classmates.  Quite the production getting fifty plus kids on risers.  Bless the preschool teachers.  Bless them.

Mrs. Traff is Lakin's teacher.  She narrated the evening's performance.

Mid-program skepticism.

And confirmation that we hadn't ditched the program and were still in the same seats she's seen us in before.

Things went downhill from here.  Bennett was DONE.  But we had promised a cookie and waited in a line to get the kids refreshments following the program.  The gym was transformed into a beautiful reception but my kids were quickly becoming a hot mess.  The evening ended with Lakin laying her tired head on the table and Chris escorting a crying Bennett to the car early.  Memories.

Lakin was asleep in less than two minutes in the car seat and Bennett was mumbling nonsense and baby cursing the whole ride home.  It was 7:15 PM. These kids have no stamina past their bed time.

Chris and I put the kids to bed and enjoyed some adult conversation and a much needed adult beverage (for Chris) to conclude the sweet but exhausting evening.

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