Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Next Chapter for the Jaeger Family

Well, I've been sitting on some official and exciting news for a little while.  We are in our final year of residency training in Rochester and began looking into jobs for Chris last summer.  I am delighted to announce that Chris has signed a contract with St. Louis Urological Surgeons, a private practice serving the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Being from Kansas City originally, this means we're moving back home to Missouri and will be a quick four hours from immediate family.  Plus we have some lovely life friends who currently live in St. Louis that we are so excited to be reunited with!

I am so looking forward to a slightly warmer and shorter winter, living in more of a city atmosphere and getting acquainted to our new home.  Plus, we're two hours from our college town and I've been missing Shakespeare's Pizza and Mizzou football.  My babies may be future Tigers - a mother can hope.

I'm so proud of Chris and his accomplishments throughout residency.  Amazing to think the man has been in school or training for 25 years!  I'm sure there will be more updates about our move and future adventures in St. Louis.  I'll keep you posted as we near our move date which will be late June or early July.

And now I leave you with a random photo of Lakin coaxing Ben to use the potty.  Boy is not ready.  Sister is determined.  Mom is completely indifferent.


  1. That's exciting! On the off chance we end up there for a year, that would rock! :) Hope your kiddos get better soon.

  2. St. Louis will be better for having you here! It sounds like you have several area friends but if you have questions, want tips on kid friendly spots or just a friendly face don't hesitate to contact me!

  3. Yay!! How fun and congrats! And that picture is priceless:).

  4. What a face! Is that a car he has in his hand?