Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 32

So... I took a  month off from pregnancy photos because getting the camera out on the same day I was feeling fabulous just never coincided.  And I also had to look up what week of pregnancy I'm currently in.  But other than that I'm feeling totally on top of the fact that we're adding another human to the mix in two months.

This babe is a rocking and a rolling inside and seems to move more than she stays put.  I don't mind the constant reminders but this weekend I thought we were going to meet her sooner rather than later the way she was shakin' it off inside that womb.  It's cool.  She's still cooking and I figure we have a good month before I can have legitimate panic attacks about delivering this babe.  Did you hear that Chris?  I will remain sane and reasonable through Christmas and wait until January to send you daily text messages about possible labor signs.  Scout's honor.

We've got a lot to do before this lady makes her debut.  We're hoping to get our house almost ready to list since I will be little help once she arrives and my days are swallowed up in newborn snuggles and lactating.  We also have to transition Bennett to the big boy bed in Lakin's room.  I'm putting it off because Lakin wakes up so early, which means now, rather than one child up at 5:15 AM playing contently in her room, I will have a team of people awake at 5:15 AM staging a ruckus together.  TROUBLE.  It's not that I'm not also awake at this ungodly hour (thank you pregnancy) but if a girl can't have a little alone time and peace and quiet in the wee early morning hours, when can she?  So I often leave the lights dim and pretend I'm sleeping, sitting up with a coffee cup in my hand when Lakin takes her 5:15 AM peek into our room to see if anyone's interested in reading her the 100 page Richard Scarry book.  No takers here.  Ask me at 7:00 AM.

And last I leave you with other contenders for week 32 photo:

 too normal
 looks  like I'm cradling a watermelon

So clearly the first photo was the only winner.  Right? 

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