Wednesday, January 7, 2015

35 Weeks - Like Woah

She's cooking away in there and it hit me the other day that we could meet our little lady in a month and some change!  What?  I feel pretty good.  Definitely starting to get a little antsy.  There comes a point in every pregnancy where you must decide that the pain of labor is better than the thought of continuing to be pregnant.  I'd say we're almost there.  But I also realize that life gets crazy as soon as she's on the outside so I'm trying to cherish these moments with Lakin and Bennett and enjoy feeling her wiggles from the inside.

I have felt myself nesting.  But this time around, rather than folding baby clothes and stuffing cloth diapers I am purging my house of clutter and reorganizing closets.  Because we have a house to sell. Chris and I are slowly chipping away at the to do list we created months ago to help keep us on track to get the house show ready.  I'd say nesting has helped me stay focused and power through the list.

Also.  All the stuff.  I swear I have hauled bags and bags of stuff out of this house and I still look around and feel overwhelmed by the excess.  As I think about showing the house and keeping it clean and clutter free with two small children and a newborn I cringe a little.  The battle feels never ending but I know that this will be a season and we find a way to make it work.  I secretly enjoy a little challenge and crave order and simplicity - so this might be a welcomed excuse to be a little OCD.  You can ask me in March how fun I think it is.

We feel confident Baby J will be welcomed with joy and love.  Lakin and Bennett talk about the baby all the time and often give her kisses and hugs - typically at the most awkward of moments (like check out at Target).  We're fairly confident on her name and can't wait to share it with you once she arrives.  We're getting excited to grow this family and meet the newest member.

While I realize it is probably a set up for disappointment, I'm hoping this babe follows in her brother and sister's footsteps and comes one week earlier than expected.  February will be here before we know it!

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