Tuesday, January 20, 2015

37 Weeks and the World's Sweetest Big Brother

We're full term, baby!  I am technically 37 weeks tomorrow, but, you all don't care if I fudge this milestone by one day do you?  Baby J is in position and ready for exit whenever she decides to grace us with her presence.

Bennett has been to the last couple of appointments with me and I have been able to schedule them while Lakin is in school so I only have to take one child.  Ben is a dream without his sister around and loves walking the halls of the hospital to get to the OB department.  He charms the older patients and sings songs as he walks the subway.  He squeals with delight every single time the elevator doors open and close.  It's a precious performance.  Typically he has the nurse or midwife wrapped around his little finger before we're done with the appointment.

Today was no different.  We got to see an ultrasound of the baby and Bennett was excited when the machine was wheeled in and he guessed we were going to watch a "movie."  He enjoyed hearing baby's heartbeat and bobbed his head to the rhythm of the beat, exclaiming, "Dat's cool."  She gave him his very own ultrasound photo and he was so proud.  He carried it all the way to the parking garage and shared it with several strangers in the elevator and hallway along the way.

Maybe he will instantly love his little sister?  Here's hoping they are fast friends.

I'm trying to get my bag together and make sure I have most of my details lined up for Lakin and Bennett when we go into labor.  Lakin asks every day if today will be the baby's birthday.  It's tough explaining to a four-year-old the uncertainties of a due date.  She's excited to get this show on the road.

As for me, this morning at 4 AM, when I could not sleep, I was mulling over just what is about to happen to my body for the third time.  I'll be honest, while I'm eager to meet our little girl, I'm dreading the birthing experience.  No matter how many children you've had, I think labor and delivery is a scary thing.  But like many other circumstances in life, the pain is part of the process.  I just need to think about holding her for the first time and that big ole Chipotle burrito I'm gonna eat once she's here.  Keeping my eyes on the prize.  And just so you know, when you birth a baby, you can justify adding guac.

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