Wednesday, January 28, 2015

38 Weeks

I write this post from my nap time nest while eating a bowl of ice cream.  I know, I'm one big (literally) pregnant cliche.  We've hit 38 weeks and this babe is just moving and a grooving.  With Lakin and Bennett I don't remember feeling imminent labor.  Both deliveries caught me off guard and started quickly and with little warning.  This babe has had me thinking I'm on the verge of delivery every day for the last week.  I have felt pressure like I don't remember with my first - so much so that I'm certain my water is going to break and it will be  a flood for all to see and experience.  When I am on the elliptical I say many silent prayers that this will not be the moment the floodgates open.  Because can you picture that?  I shudder.

I've been having tons of contractions.  Just not the ones that indicate real labor.  In fact, my Braxton Hicks kick it in to high gear any time the two older siblings are near.  Perhaps baby can sense her need to protect and seek shelter.  Especially when Bennett is in the vicinity.  As mentioned before, gentleness is not his most prominent quality.   So, with all the contractions and pressure, I've convinced myself it might be go time soon.  But tick tock, here we are and I'm still pregnant.

I'm not complaining.  I've still got two weeks to go before I start getting huffy and entitled to delivery.  Goodness knows she's easier to manage while in the womb.  No sense in rushing a good thing.  So we wait.

This morning Chris told me that he was feeling anxious about her arrival.  I laughed.  He feels anxious?  Mmmkay.

He's currently on his chief rotation and trying to figure out coverage for when I go into labor.  With call every other night and his own set of patients to see in clinic it will be a bit trickier than ever before.  Good news is that I'm delivering a baby at the very hospital that he works. So, I imagine he will be able to find a way to pop over should I deliver during his work day...

My anxiety revolves more around getting the kids where they need to be, making it to the hospital in time, getting myself there if I happen to go into labor when he's not at home, and you know, pushing a baby out of a very tight spot.... But yes, I do suppose finding someone to cover his patients and take his call would be a wee bit stressful.

In the end, it will all work out.

At my last doctor's appointment we discussed my birth plan and preferences during delivery in order of importance.

1. Deliver a healthy baby
2 At a hospital
3. With as much medication and comfort as possible, bring on the epidural
4. With my husband by my side
5. Without my older children in the room

That's it.   I suppose if we were shooting for the moon here I might request Taylor Swift's latest album playing in the background during the most intense portion of my labor.  But, you know, that one can be negotiable.

While I sit and wait and fret over details, I think fondly of the day when I won't think every single gas pain is possibly labor beginning.  Soon pregnancy will be over and I will have to find something else to consume my mind and cause anxiety in my heart.  Until then, I think it best I stay away from the Sofritas at Chipotle.  They had me certain that I was either dying or about to deliver on Monday night.  Ain't nobody need that kind of unnecessary stress.

* Please note, the Sofritas were delicious.  But they pack a spicy punch and that just doesn't bode well for my digestive system these days.  If you're not pregnant, by all means, Sofrita and Sofrita often.

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  1. Love you, sweet friend. Your Instagram directly we here... It's been awhile! Praying for you and baby girl. I wish I was there to take the older two. It's pains me to not be helpful with your third! Lots of love!!!