Sunday, February 8, 2015

Around Here, Lately

Crazy to think that Julia's been here a little over a week.  We've adjusted quickly and are thriving as a family of five.  I've been snapping phone photos like the momarrazi and have exercised self-control to not bombard people's Instagram feeds with my plethora of baby sleeping photos.  I mean, some people can only stomach so much of that before they decide to peace out.

So without further adieu, our week in photos.

 Julia takes a relaxing nap in her "nursery" while her greatest admirers look on and drive cars all over her little head.
 Lots of snuggles and naps for mom and J.
 Oh look, she's sleeping.
 Playing dinos with Bennett.  Julia is loving it.  Clearly.

 Lakin sings sweet nothings to Julia.
 A little snow slide at the end of the driveway gets some of the extra wiggles out for the big kids.

 Lakin's class valentines.  We're STILL writing her name on all of them.  Because name writing is exhausting... for everyone involved.
 Lakin and Ben received a special cookie treat from a friend who delivered a meal.
 And for me, a tiny piece of Heaven.  It was a multi-layer chocolate cake inside.  I ate it ALL.
 A couple sneak peeks from Julia's newborn session by Midwest LifeShots Photography.

 Below is my view almost every time I sit down to feed Julia.  Wrestling that always starts with giggles and typically ends in tears.

 Julia rocking her new onesie from one of Chris' co-workers.

 Lake and Ben giving a big cheesy grin.
 Julia's happy place.
 Donuts from Cathy Saturday morning.
 Amanda came in town to meet Julia.  She brought some hair accessories.
 Cathy juggles all the Jaeger children.

 Chris and I spent the weekend rearranging the house, cleaning windows since it was a balmy 30 degrees and packing up excess.  We're hitting the housing market March 1st.
 Lakin claims that she looks six years old in the photo.
 The best little view as I exit the shower.
Lakin finds a way to wear Julia's newborn vest.  Many years of sharing clothes are ahead of these girls.

There you have it.  A week in review.  Lots of love and a slightly slower pace.  Thanks for tuning in.

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