Thursday, February 26, 2015

Julia {One Month}

How has a month already passed?  I can feel time slipping through my fingers with this baby.  It's been a blissful month as a family of five.  Julia fits right in and it's hard to imagine life without her presence.  With each child we've discovered a new completeness.  

The big brother and sister are still so smitten with her and Bennett loves to tell people about his new baby sister.  Doesn't matter if you've already met her, he's eager to show her off.  Just yesterday Lakin and Ben were displaying Julia to a Target employee while I searched for wood polish.   It usually involves Bennett cornering a stranger, while they try to decipher what he's saying, ("new baya seester, Joo-ya") Lakin swoops in with an explanation, "He's trying to tell you we have a baby sister.  Her name is Julia."  Then Bennett dramatically flips her carseat blanket up and points with great emphasis at his sleeping sis.  Julia girl, you are your brother's greatest treasure.  Your sister is quite fond of you too.

Julia is a good little baby.  Starting to fall into a predictable routine.  Wakes twice each night to eat and then back to sleep.  You could set your watch to her eating schedule.  Every 3 hours she's ready for her next meal.  She is not a fan of being cold (sorry about the climate here, babe) and cries when she takes a bath, has to change clothes or is being tortured by a cold wet wipe.  Otherwise, she's mostly content and easily consoled when picked up and snuggled.  She's still in Newborn clothes and diapers, but not for much longer.  Tear.

The chaos of our house is her norm but there are times where brother and sister are too much for this little one and she squawks for me to pick her up and get her out of their clutches.  She never does tummy time alone, there are two eager friends laying by her side on the play mat.  I'm alerted by two concerned citizens each time she cries and I am not in the room.  She's very protected, very loved and probably ready for a little SPACE.  I understand the predicament since it's been about 4.5 years since I've peed in peace.

We love her more and more each day.  Jules Bear, you are such a sweet addition to our lives.

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