Sunday, March 29, 2015

Julia {Two Months}

Hey hey, look who's two months old!  Julia, or as we lovingly refer to her, Jule Bear, is filling out and proving that the Jaeger baby genes have a whole lotta fat in them.  Seriously though, what a dramatic transformation from her first month.  Baby girl's rolls have got rolls.  But I love my babies substantial and squishy!  So keep on, keeping on, Julia.  

Julia has taken to month two quite well.  She still sleep all day long but there are sweet periods of wakefullness between each meal.  She's rocking the play mat and even starting to interact with the dangling animals. This month she started smiling and I swear, one day, while everyone was napping, she giggled at me.   Julia moves from her rock n' play to the play mat to the floor and back to the rock n' play.  I can't wait to get her swing back out once the house sells (that's another novel) and let her discover the glorious world of battery operated entertainment.  I'm tempted to feel guilty for her lack of stimulation... but then I realize that she has more stimulation than she can handle with her siblings running around and that there are babies across the world whose only stimulation is the world around them and they manage just fine.  

Lakin and Bennett continue to invest time and energy in Julia.  They love to make her smile and Lakin often spends the first hour of the day snuggling with her in our bed.  Crazy, both my girls are up before the sun.  They keep one another company while I drink my coffee and take a shower... so you know, no complaints here.  

Every night before bed I remind Julia that she can sleep through the night if she wants.  Gotta let them know you believe they can do impossible things.  Julia nods her head, but inevitably she decides to say hello around 2 AM and then again at 5 AM.  Maybe she's planning a 12 hour slumber as my mother's day gift?

Julia feels passionate about swaddling and pacifiers.  These two tools have been key to keeping little miss happy and sleepy.  I will always and forever pledge my allegiance to the pacifier.  It is worth the pain of taking them away later to have it in my back pocket when times get fussy.  Julia's only real fussy time of the day is when I'm attempting to get dinner on the table.  I do an intricate dance of pacifier placement and dinner making.  Add in two overly eager helpers with fast hands and it makes for one harried dinner prep hour.

Here's to another month with this little beauty.  I hope month three brings Spring weather, baby giggles and please, oh please, a house sell!  Happy two months, Julia K.

Friday, March 27, 2015

We Bunnies

Bennett has a new game he likes to play.  Randomly he will announce that we are bunnies.

"Mom, you a bunny."

"And Bennett, he a bunny."

"And bunnies, they kiss."

Then we do a smooch.  After that I give him anything he wants, because HOLY ADORABLE.

You gotta catch him in the right mood.  When I suggest we "be bunnies," he ain't having it.