Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Julia {Three Months}

Our chunky monkey is changing so quickly!  This month she's started to fall into a more obvious rhythm of morning nap and several afternoon catnaps.  I am hoping we start getting a more solid chunk of afternoon sleep because it will be nice to coordinate her naps with her brother.  Then only one child would be cramping my nap time style... culprit shall remain nameless but she wears bathing suits under her clothes and makes messes throughout the quiet napping house while her siblings slumber... why can't children take naps well into elementary school?  

Julia is interacting with us more and more.  This month brought lots of giggles and predictable smiles.  She loves it when Lakin talks to her and touches her face.  Seriously, the girl grins ear to ear anytime Lakin gives her an ounce of attention.  When Bennett gets in Julia's face, she gives me a side eye of desperation and I usually swoop in for the rescue before her well-meaning brother can do too much harm.  

Julia is a huge fan of the outside and happily rode for a couple hours Sunday afternoon in the Bjorn carrier as we  took a family walk and the kids played at a playground.  She likes to look longingly out the window of the living room when she's placed on her play mat.  

She can best be described as easygoing from the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM.  From 5 PM to 7:00 PM she's really only happy being held.  And then at night she seems to get lonely and need a little loving a couple times a night.  Clearly, we'll be working on some sleep training this month because as much a I love a good J snuggle, I'd prefer a solid night's sleep.  Selfish, I know.  

Julia also hates a wet diaper.  Like screams until you change it kind of hate.  If only the other diaper wearer in our house had her intolerance for soiled pants.  

When we were taking photos this month, Lakin crashed the party.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Star Student

Lakin was honored to be star student last week and I was able to make it to her classroom to hear her share her favorite things with her classmates.

There are 5 family members in her family now!

The sweetest piece of info she shared about herself is that her daddy is her hero and favorite person in the whole world.  Can't believe this girl is going to be five in a couple months!

Monday, April 6, 2015

KC through the iPhone

We are rounding the final lap of residency and the house is on the market and plans are being made for the final months. Chris had some vacay that was just sitting and so we decided to take a couple days around Easter and make the trek to Kansas City to see family and get out of our house while it was on the market.  

Tuesday night I woke up violently ill and was sick the remainder of the night into Wednesday morning.  We had a showing at 1:30 PM Wednesday and were originally planning on driving to KC after Chris got off work.  In the current state I was in I had no idea how I would care for the kids and get the house ready to show without Chris' help.  Lucky for me, it was a rare (as in never before happened in the history of residency and will probably never happen again) gift of mercy, Chris was able to take calls from home and stay home with me as we prepped the house and packed to head out of town.  It was a painful morning and seven hour drive but I was so glad I had his help - it wouldn't have happened any other way.  

By Thursday morning I was feeling back to my old self.  Thank goodness!  We took the kids down to Crown Center with Chris' parents and let them explore the current exhibit, Fairytale Village.  This adequately wore their little bodies out.  

 Queen Elsa
 Queen Belsa

Lunch time rolled around and it only felt right to eat my first meal post food poisoning/weird 24 hour GI bug at Joe's KC.  I had me a z-man and it was just the medicine my belly needed.  I ate my entire sandwich and fries because... Kansas City Bar-b-que.

Julia was her usual high maintenance self.
 Taking naps wherever there was an open lap.

 Ben and Lakin helped Gigi make Peeps Easter cupcakes.  They were a eat-at-your-own-risk sort of treat.

 Kissing the Peeps because it's not every day you hold that much concentrated sugar in your hands.

 The kids ate about as much icing as they spread and they have yet to understand the rudeness that is the double dip.

 This photo was taken moments before Ben devoured his Peep cupcake.

 Julia bundled up for some park time Friday morning and melted the hearts of people everywhere with her tiny bear hoodie.

 Jules and daddy.  I'm a lucky lady.

 While Lakin read TIME the girls played together.  Bennett was not pictured.  He was taking a much earned marathon nap.  It was transformational.

 We then spent the late afternoon and evening with my parents.  Mom and dad met Julia for the first time.  They all hit it off.

 For dinner we went to Chick-Fil-a and my heart and tummy swelled three times their normal size.  Don't worry, I stashed three extra sauces in my purse for a rainy day.

 We celebrated Easter Saturday with my parents.  Julia put on her best Easter dress.  She them promptly spit up all over it.  Classic Julia.

 Bennett was adorned with an egg necklace.  My mom is pretty crafty.

 More smothering and smooches from big sister.

 Julia was delighted to lay on her blanket, not make a peep and stare at the ceiling.  Do you see what I mean about high maintenance?

 Bennett demanded that I wear the necklace too.

 Lakin was sporting her swimsuit all trip.

 Julia was enthusiastic about the Easter goodies the bunny brought.

Lakin and Bennett enjoyed the Easter goodies as well.  There was some weeping when the candy was confiscated to be doled out over time.

 Lakin received some spandex from the Easter Bunny who must know the greatest desires of her heart.

 She immediately made a wardrobe change in the corner behind the plant.

 Just putting on a boss performance of Little Bunny Foo Foo with my mom's puppets she handmade for the kids.

 An egg hunt ensued.

 Each child found a golden egg.  Inside was a light up ring and a couple of bucks.

 Lakin and my dad took turns reading to one another.

 Julia and Chris caught up on some missed sleep.

 Lakin got her dress up on with anything she could find that would fit.

 There were some more Easter cupcakes in need of some decorating love.

 Then my dad pulled out the big guns and offered tractor rides.  Lakin had a blast.  Bennett politely declined and cried at the thought of the tractor.

 He was content to play with ball and visit the cows at the back of the property.

Sunday morning Bennett cracked his head open.  He fell from a stool in classic Bennett form.  He was fine but refused to sit still for Chris to examine his head and fix the wound.  We spent Easter morning trying to convince him to let us look at the boo boo.  Finally I held him down and Chris was barely able to get the wound closed.  He has risen, Alleluia.

 Before we loaded the car for our seven hour car ride we did another egg hunt at Papa and Gigi's.

 And then we drove and drove and drove home.

Julia woke up for the final 30 minute cry as we steered the car into Rochester.  Can't wait to cut this drive in half when we move to St Louis.

Oh, and we sold our house.  Boom.

Happy Easter, dearies.