Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Julia {Three Months}

Our chunky monkey is changing so quickly!  This month she's started to fall into a more obvious rhythm of morning nap and several afternoon catnaps.  I am hoping we start getting a more solid chunk of afternoon sleep because it will be nice to coordinate her naps with her brother.  Then only one child would be cramping my nap time style... culprit shall remain nameless but she wears bathing suits under her clothes and makes messes throughout the quiet napping house while her siblings slumber... why can't children take naps well into elementary school?  

Julia is interacting with us more and more.  This month brought lots of giggles and predictable smiles.  She loves it when Lakin talks to her and touches her face.  Seriously, the girl grins ear to ear anytime Lakin gives her an ounce of attention.  When Bennett gets in Julia's face, she gives me a side eye of desperation and I usually swoop in for the rescue before her well-meaning brother can do too much harm.  

Julia is a huge fan of the outside and happily rode for a couple hours Sunday afternoon in the Bjorn carrier as we  took a family walk and the kids played at a playground.  She likes to look longingly out the window of the living room when she's placed on her play mat.  

She can best be described as easygoing from the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM.  From 5 PM to 7:00 PM she's really only happy being held.  And then at night she seems to get lonely and need a little loving a couple times a night.  Clearly, we'll be working on some sleep training this month because as much a I love a good J snuggle, I'd prefer a solid night's sleep.  Selfish, I know.  

Julia also hates a wet diaper.  Like screams until you change it kind of hate.  If only the other diaper wearer in our house had her intolerance for soiled pants.  

When we were taking photos this month, Lakin crashed the party.

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