Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pre K Graduation

As promised, I have photos from Lakin's pre-K graduation a couple weeks ago.  The photo delay is brought to you by a move, living with friends and three small people I call kittens.  Please forgive.

 Julia was less than entertained by Bennett before the ceremony began.  That and she's blowing some impressive bubbles these days.
 Bennett had me take about twenty photos of him from point blank range.  Framers.  Every last one of them.
 "Take me and Julia's picture mom."
 Lakin lead the graduating class into the sanctuary.  No doubt this was the greatest thrill of her life as being first in the line and life is her ultimate goal - we are working on humility, compassion and service to other at home... obviously..  You can see her taking the procession super serious and holding her head still to keep that cardboard hat atop her head.
 Scanning the crowd for her favorite people.
 And she found us.  Bennett gave us away with the shouting and frantic waving.
 All the children clearly engaged in the graduation message.  Kids be like, where the cookies and juice?
 First in, last out, Lakin was the final graduate to be recognized.  She took that moment to really ham it up.  There was dramatic pause and even deliberate posing before she took the diploma and moved off the stage.
 A firm handshake.
 A certificate of completion.
 And a pause for dramatic effect.

Since things were cray up in the preschool with all those proud parents, grandparents and extended family, we decided to skip the stale cookie reception and move our celebrating to the Flap Doodles for an ice cream explosion.  Miss Cathy joined the family.

 Good thing she likes our brand of crazy.
Congratulations Lakin.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Julia {four months}

So she's not a newborn anymore.

Insert weeping sound here.

Jules is four months old and she is getting more delicious every day.  This chick smiles all the time.  Just look at her.  She will grin right back.  All she wants is a little human contact and attention.  #thirdchild

Don't mind the day old sleeper.  My standards are dropping on the daily.  Baths?  What are those?  How about a wet wipe sponge bath?  Hmmmm..... three kids is no joke.  We all have to give a little to make things happen around here.

Julia went with Chris and I to find a rental in St Louis a couple of weeks ago.  It was so wonderful to have uninterrupted time with our baby.  And the peace and quiet was almost erie.  Julia seemed relieved to have her brother and sister back in her face when we returned.

This time we tried our hand at sitting up for a picture.

We have some room to grow in the sitting department.

Just like last time, Lakin was itching to jump in.

Oh Julia, you are so sweet.  Life is better when you're around!

Friday, May 22, 2015

the Papa and the Gigi

Papa and Gigi took the kids for five days while Chris and I traveled to St Louis to find a rental.  They then drove the kids to Rochester and stayed several days with me while Chris was away at a conference.  Their commitment to us and the kids is unmatched.  We felt so loved by their service and the kids absolutely adored the time with Papa and Gigi.

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Side By Side

My five years in Rochester have been such a treasure.  For the last three years, every Friday you could find me at Side By Side Bible study drinking coffee, eating some home baked goods and discussing motherhood, life, and love through the lens of scripture with my dear friends.

When you "graduate" residency, SBS does a sweet, prayerful send off.

These are my Urology girls, Sara and Casey.  Sara has two more years at "The Mayo"... possibly more, we won't go there.  Casey and her husband will be moving to San Antonio.

Each star on the map denotes places our SBS graduates will be moving.

I mean, something was terrifically hilarious.  Perhaps it was the spit up Julia did on stage for all to see?   Girl was like a milk fountain.

Women who were moving on with their husband's training.  

Erica... why did it take me four years to become your bestie?  Loved leading our study together this year with this special woman.  I will miss our regular RAC dates and your pointed fashion advice.  Looking forward to living with you for two weeks after we move out of our house.  Did I mention, you're a saint?  

My sweet Bible study girls.  Making Friday mornings way more fun, one baby at a time.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last day of Pre-K (for now)

Tuesday I dropped Lakin off at Kingdom Kids for the last time.  We have been so pleased with her experiences at this school and each teacher she's had.  Tonight is graduation.  She'll walk across that stage, earn her pre-K diploma to go on to... wait for it... another year of pre-K next year.  

When your birthday is on the fence and your mom is moving you to a new place, you get to do another year of pre-K so everyone can feel adequately prepared for that giant, scary leap into Kindergarten.  

 She's matured so much this last year.
 Completely uninterested in documenting the end of her second year of preschool.  "Ugh, mom, come on."  In other news, Lakin is really onto something with that fashion sense of hers, because that outfit looks like it was taken right off the New York runway.  Amiright?
And little brother, not to be left out.  Wanted his picture documenting the last day he would have to do preschool drop off for his big sister.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Letting go OR giving up, you decide

#theswimsuit is back in full force.  It's endearing, right?  You think it's acceptable to let her wear under her clothes every single day and night?  I mean, she should have a little creative expression... I don't have the strength to fight this battle.  Swimsuits all day err day.

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