Friday, May 29, 2015

Julia {four months}

So she's not a newborn anymore.

Insert weeping sound here.

Jules is four months old and she is getting more delicious every day.  This chick smiles all the time.  Just look at her.  She will grin right back.  All she wants is a little human contact and attention.  #thirdchild

Don't mind the day old sleeper.  My standards are dropping on the daily.  Baths?  What are those?  How about a wet wipe sponge bath?  Hmmmm..... three kids is no joke.  We all have to give a little to make things happen around here.

Julia went with Chris and I to find a rental in St Louis a couple of weeks ago.  It was so wonderful to have uninterrupted time with our baby.  And the peace and quiet was almost erie.  Julia seemed relieved to have her brother and sister back in her face when we returned.

This time we tried our hand at sitting up for a picture.

We have some room to grow in the sitting department.

Just like last time, Lakin was itching to jump in.

Oh Julia, you are so sweet.  Life is better when you're around!

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