Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last day of Pre-K (for now)

Tuesday I dropped Lakin off at Kingdom Kids for the last time.  We have been so pleased with her experiences at this school and each teacher she's had.  Tonight is graduation.  She'll walk across that stage, earn her pre-K diploma to go on to... wait for it... another year of pre-K next year.  

When your birthday is on the fence and your mom is moving you to a new place, you get to do another year of pre-K so everyone can feel adequately prepared for that giant, scary leap into Kindergarten.  

 She's matured so much this last year.
 Completely uninterested in documenting the end of her second year of preschool.  "Ugh, mom, come on."  In other news, Lakin is really onto something with that fashion sense of hers, because that outfit looks like it was taken right off the New York runway.  Amiright?
And little brother, not to be left out.  Wanted his picture documenting the last day he would have to do preschool drop off for his big sister.

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