Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pre K Graduation

As promised, I have photos from Lakin's pre-K graduation a couple weeks ago.  The photo delay is brought to you by a move, living with friends and three small people I call kittens.  Please forgive.

 Julia was less than entertained by Bennett before the ceremony began.  That and she's blowing some impressive bubbles these days.
 Bennett had me take about twenty photos of him from point blank range.  Framers.  Every last one of them.
 "Take me and Julia's picture mom."
 Lakin lead the graduating class into the sanctuary.  No doubt this was the greatest thrill of her life as being first in the line and life is her ultimate goal - we are working on humility, compassion and service to other at home... obviously..  You can see her taking the procession super serious and holding her head still to keep that cardboard hat atop her head.
 Scanning the crowd for her favorite people.
 And she found us.  Bennett gave us away with the shouting and frantic waving.
 All the children clearly engaged in the graduation message.  Kids be like, where the cookies and juice?
 First in, last out, Lakin was the final graduate to be recognized.  She took that moment to really ham it up.  There was dramatic pause and even deliberate posing before she took the diploma and moved off the stage.
 A firm handshake.
 A certificate of completion.
 And a pause for dramatic effect.

Since things were cray up in the preschool with all those proud parents, grandparents and extended family, we decided to skip the stale cookie reception and move our celebrating to the Flap Doodles for an ice cream explosion.  Miss Cathy joined the family.

 Good thing she likes our brand of crazy.
Congratulations Lakin.

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