Thursday, May 21, 2015

Side By Side

My five years in Rochester have been such a treasure.  For the last three years, every Friday you could find me at Side By Side Bible study drinking coffee, eating some home baked goods and discussing motherhood, life, and love through the lens of scripture with my dear friends.

When you "graduate" residency, SBS does a sweet, prayerful send off.

These are my Urology girls, Sara and Casey.  Sara has two more years at "The Mayo"... possibly more, we won't go there.  Casey and her husband will be moving to San Antonio.

Each star on the map denotes places our SBS graduates will be moving.

I mean, something was terrifically hilarious.  Perhaps it was the spit up Julia did on stage for all to see?   Girl was like a milk fountain.

Women who were moving on with their husband's training.  

Erica... why did it take me four years to become your bestie?  Loved leading our study together this year with this special woman.  I will miss our regular RAC dates and your pointed fashion advice.  Looking forward to living with you for two weeks after we move out of our house.  Did I mention, you're a saint?  

My sweet Bible study girls.  Making Friday mornings way more fun, one baby at a time.  

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