Sunday, July 19, 2015

Besties and Babies

Fourth of July weekend we had some visitors in town.  Bonnie brought her boys for the fourth and Adam and Mary Kate brought baby Wilson for all of us to meet.  This weekend is one of the reasons we were so exited to return to Missouri.  So good to be with our friends.  Weekends like this will be a regular and easy thing!  

 All the momma laps were full.  There were five moms and eleven kids.  Can I tell you how amazing it is to watch your children befriend your friends' kids?  It was noisy, messy and so good for my soul to be with these families.

This series cracked me up.  The older kids were watching a little TV.  The expression on all their faces is identical.  Zombies.  Every last one of them.

Mary Kate and Wilson!  Mary Kate is such a wonderful and patient mother.  Baby Wilson was barely a month old and traveled like a champ.  This little guy shares a birthday with Chris.  Welcome to the club, MK.  You will never enjoy a hot meal again, at least not for a few years.  

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