Saturday, July 18, 2015

Julia {five months}

This update is long overdue.  In fact, it's almost time to take photos and write her six month update, but can we all take a moment and marvel in the fact that I have THREE children and we've gotten through 5 months of updates?

Five months was a big one for our little lady.  She sprouted two teeth (the bottom middle ones) and has been rolling like a mad woman.  Never a complete roll.  Just from back to belly.  Then anger and frustration.  And rinse and repeat.

She decided to ditch the whole sleeping through the night gig, who needs that anyway, right?  The last couple of weeks she's been up twice in the night looking for a little milk to ease her back in to slumberland and then she sleeps the morning away like a teenager on summer vacation.

We've been using her high chair to corral her while cooking and eating and she loves playing with various toys we put on the tray for her.  Best game ever is to push them over the edge and then break out in hysterics because they are gone from her view.  Julia's main goal right now is to get that mysterious ball stuck inside a larger ball out and into her mouth.  I don't know how to gently break the news to her that it ain't happening.  Since this game keeps her happy and occupied I guess it's best to let her continue to use her tongue to attempt to free it from it's cage.

Since moving to St Louis she's been doing all kinds of fun adventures.  She's content to hang out in the ergo while her brother and sister play and explore and she's been sweating her way through the humid Missouri summer.  The only thing hotter than Julia on a summer day is the mother who is wearing her in a thickly padded baby carrier strapped to her chest.  #motherslove

She giggles and squeals when her brother and sister play with her.  Bennett still brings a certain fear to her eyes but she's getting used to his ways of love.

We head to the beach tomorrow and I cannot wait to squeeze her delicious thighs into all the adorable baby swimsuits she owns.  I'll snap a few photos for sharing, I promise.

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