Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Leaving Rochester: An Exodus Story

Well, we're in St. Louis and have been for two weeks now.  I have finally been able to slow down and take a breath.  Our final month in Rochester was eventful, crazy and nomadic.  And moving to a new state and home with three small people has been a teensy bit of work too.  I apologize for the lack of update, but you know, we were in the thick of it.

So let's rewind back to the month of June.  We spent all of June moving.  We moved out of our house at the end of May.  I then packed up our small army and we vacationed to Seattle.  Erica and Christopher graciously took us in during the transition and in return we watched their sweet kids for a week while they were in France. So began a week of home bound with 5 under five.

We started the week off strong with some homemade slime.  By Friday it was all I could do to not turn on the television for the third time in a day.  Steam lost.

Annabelle and Bennett both took Julia in as their own.  She was easily the most loved babe that week.

After a night of separate bed times and individual stories I wised up and began doing one massive before bed reading.

I laugh, this is the one time I ventured out with the kids and took them to "Castle Park" and the girls sat in the stroller the whole time we were there to play.  Forget the swings, slide and sandbox, this stroller was apparently where it was at.  

Queen Julia was decked from head to toe with Royal adornment more times than I could count.

Evidence that we got out, thanks to the help of Casey.  That's a whole lotta kids!

Annabelle and Lakin basically spent the week changing outfits.  If it wasn't dress up, they were trying on many different ensembles from Annabelle's closet.

Mister Bennett Camp, Bennett Jaeger's best friend and sword fighting buddy.

The Bennetts came clunking down the stairs, each having found some racy high heels from Erica's closet.  Of course I took a photo for memory's sake.

Julia rolled over for the first time.  I did not witness the roll but only its aftermath.  She was pretty ticked about the whole thing.

Here proof that she recovers fast.  Julia is always one snuggle way from a smile.

Our final week in Rochester we lived with Brandon and Chelsey Huffman.  Brandon lived with us for a month this year while he did a rotation at Mayo and Chelsey and I led Young Life together in college.  They just matched and moved to Rochester and we asked if they could take us in for a week while we finished out our time in Rochester.

I took the kids to the RAC pool a few more times.  I miss this pool and the RAC in general.  So many fun memories from this summer and last.

Julia suffered the most from our month of bouncing.  It was a ton of work making sure we had everything we needed and moving all our stuff from house to house.  Throw in a marathon for Chris in Duluth (in which I completely forgot to pack any clothes for Julia because #thirdchild) and I'd hit my pack mule max.  I hope to never pack another suitcase again, unless I'm packing for a tropical location, in which I might be able to muster the strength to throw a few items in...

All this to say, I'm using this as an excuse that more than once I was without back up outfits for the Jule Bear when she blew through her clothes.  When you poop all over your clothes you just might find yourself riding in a diaper for the rest of the day.

We said goodbye, for now, to our favorite Rochesterite,  Miss Cathy.  We're already counting down the days until she visits in October.

Cathy sent Lakin on her way with this light up, singing, Anna dress.  Early birthday present.  It has serenaded many movers, all our guests to the new house and her family many times.

We got to celebrate Brandon's birthday that last week.  Which really meant we blew out his birthday candles and ate all his cake.

And we saw our neighbors, Adam and Jess, and their girls, Audrey and Cora, one last time.

We had a final breakfast with my Urology wives.  Not pictured, Casey and Sara.  My heart misses them as I type.

We drove out of town Friday when Chris finished work and made it to our new home around midnight.  More photos to come of our new place and move.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Catching up on old posts and this one makes me tired just reading it! I hope someone gave you a gold star, free massage, and/or a margarita for all your troubles. Seriously, way to go, mom!