Sunday, August 2, 2015

Julia {six months}

Happy half birthday to our smiley little girl.

I' m gearing up to begin feeding Julia some solids.  It's time, as evidenced in these photos:

Girlfriend wants a burger.  Kay?

This time around I'm attempting Baby Led Weaning.  Apparently it is a more effective method for baby... but I'm not going to lie, it's sort of feels like the lazy parent's guide to letting your kid figure out food on their own.  But if something seems to simplify a task that falls at the bottom of my "least desirable ways I like to spend an hour" list I'm interested.

In her sixth month Julia enjoyed a week at the beach and the comforts of her own room and crib.  She's an active one, rarely sitting still when being held.  She can scoot around the blanket and crib on her back and has figured out how to flip from tummy to back, but not how to make a complete circle roll.

Speaking of rolls, she's got them.  I'm taking her for her well child this week and we'll see how much she weighs but she's definitely helping me firm up my arm muscles when I hold her.

Those wrist rolls are really something, aren't they?

Jules is falling into a more predictable routine.  She likes to take three naps a day (who doesn't?) and it is pretty predictable when she'll want to eat and when she wants to get in her bed.  She's becoming more and more verbal and giggles with her full belly.

Julia's regular haunts include: the high chair, her play mat, a jumper contraption and the ergo.  Her day is spend moving from one stationary place to another.

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