Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Batman and his fight to end prostate cancer... a tale of a threenager

This last weekend Chris' group helped organize St Louis' Zero - The End of Prostate Cancer walk/run and we took the kids to cheer on Chris for his 5K and for the kids to compete in the Superhero dash.  It was a perfect morning to exercise and be outside.  The kids were excited and Ben was delighted to have an excuse to wear his Batman costume out of the house.  Lakin threw together an odd combination of spandex and we were off.

It's worth noting that Ben is in the throws of "threenager."  He's a volatile mess one minute and the most adorable little guy the next.  This morning was quite the spectrum of emotions - as is the case most mornings these days.  And afternoons.  And evenings.  But I digress.

So while the enthusiasm was high driving to the park and getting out of the car, things took a turn toward dramatic when Bennett had to pin his bib on and put on the adorable velcro cape each runner was given.  Then, to add insult to injury, his mother tried to take a photo of him with his running bib and cape.

 Cold shoulder and pouty face to demonstrate his disgust with the whole charade.

 Lakin was flying high wearing her favorite leotard and tights as pants - a typically off limits look for the light of day.

 Still disgusted.

 Since Bennett and one other small Spider Man were the only kids dressed for the dash as actual superheroes, this adult Wonder Woman latched on to Lakin and Ben and hoped they would give her a great PR shot for the run.
 To which Bennett promptly declined.

 Lakin got a taste of race competition and loved it.  This medal is now proudly displayed in her room.   As if she needed one more reason to attempt to be first at everything she does...

 Give a kid a medal and she thinks she's an olympian or something.

 After the dash, runners lined up for the 5K.  Since Ben flipped at the last minute and backed out of the kids' run with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, Chris offered to let him start the 5K race with him.  The plan was for Ben to begin the race and I would snag him when they ran by.

 Julia continued to earn her keep by sitting politely in her stroller and being low maintenance.  Bless that baby.

 I turned around for one minute and Lakin had her tights and shoes off before I knew what happened.  I wish I could say this was an isolated event.

 Oh, what do you know?  Bennett is crying and flipping out about running with Chris.

 Mr. Emotion spent the rest of the morning in his chariot because all the feelings were too much for him to handle.

 Lakin and the leotard...someone please tell me my child will not be in this odd phase for the rest of her childhood.  I am weary over the spandex battle.

All in all it was a great event and a fun morning. We're learning to navigate these emotional waters with our threenager.  It's gonna be a long year.

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