Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ben Says:

Ben has his genders all mixed up.  He calls my mom Grandpa, same as my dad.  The word Grandma does not exist in his vocabulary.  So when I dropped him off at Bible Study last Thursday his Bible teachers were two sharp looking ladies who looked about the age as his grandma.  Our conversation at pick up:

Me: Bennett did you have fun?

Bennett: Yes

Me: Did you listen?

Bennett:  Me and Abe didn't listen to those Grandpas, Mom.

Bennett has a little issue with pooping on a potty.  It's pretty much the most dramatic 30 minutes of anyone's life.  The emotional intensity is comparable to the electricity of a labor and delivery room.  So when the urge to go hits, there's a lot of tiny shuffles, wiggles, whimpers and other signs of discomfort and avoidance.  One night Ben was standing at the sink "helping" me wash dishes.  He abruptly jumped down from his chair.

Ben: Mommy, I'm scared of something!

Me: What's scaring you?

Ben: I think my poo is grumpy with me.

Gigi and Papa were in town for Ben's birthday.  Gigi tells Goofus and Doofus stories with the kids and they love making up similar stories.  Bennett always refers to these stories as Goofus and Goofus stories.  Last night at bedtime this was his prayer.

Ben: Thank you God for Goofus and Goofus.  I love them.  The end.

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