Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Julia {7 months}

Baby girl made some serious strides in month seven.  She's now sitting independently.  This marks the beginning of my favorite baby stage: park it and play.  I love when a babe is big enough to sit but too little to crawl.  As long as Jules has eyes on one of our family members she's perfectly content to study and slobber all over one of her many toys strewn about the house.  I know crawling is in our near future which means baby gates are in our new future.  Baby gates do nothing for the feng shui of a home... but I digress.

In addition to sitting pretty Julia has taken a liking to food.  Surprising no one, Jules is a machine when it comes to downing her daily banana and organic pouch.  I'd written last month that I was taking the baby led weaning route this time because the thought of pureeing every little thing felt too inconvenient, but after Julia pretty much threw down every morsel of food in protest I got out my food processor and made her some traditional baby food which I (or her overly eager siblings) painstakingly spoon into her mouth.  Queen prefers to be fed and I prefer not to have a hangry baby.

Julia also decided to drop her middle of the night feeding.  When I woke up the first morning after an uninterrupted night of sleep I first panicked and made sure she was still breathing but after I confirmed that all was well I threw my hands up in praise.  I feel like I can conquer the world - or at least our laundry - when I get a full eight hours of rest.  Productivity has increased and, dare I say, my overall attitude is sunnier?  Sleeping thru the night FOREVER.  

The final milestone this month was the roll.  Julia was rolling a couple of months ago but she currently is using it as a means of transportation.  I will lay her down, step our of the room and return a minute later to find her stuck against a wall, unable to roll any further.  She's fast.  I'm in trouble once she takes off on her hands and knees!

She's getting more and more vocal and will "sing" along to the car radio or babble back and forth with Lakin and Bennett.  We're seeing more and more of her personality and we're simply smitten with this easy going, smiley little babe.

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