Monday, September 14, 2015

The Boy is Three! : More Pictures Than Your Neighbors' Trip to Hawaii

We did three big with a weekend of celebrating.  Ben's third birthday fell on a Friday this year and we celebrated the day with swim lessons which are easily one of Ben's favorite things to do (possibly because he associates lessons with the sucker he gets from his instructor each time)  followed by lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  Bennett and Lakin do not appreciate chicken as a superior meat - in fact, they don't ever eat meat.  But momma loves herself a cobb salad and some waffle fries so it was PB&J for the kittens and a gourmet fast food meal for mom and Papa and Gigi (also in town for the celebration).

Friday night, Benny opened his presents from the family.

 Lakin feigns interest with the book in the corner.

 Just a crazy three-year-old.

 On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby Lakin was perusing the crap toward the check out and fell in love with the handheld fans filled with candy.  After talking incessantly about buying herself one once she saved up enough money, she wised up and asked my mom for one.  Grandma made good on that promise and sent one along for both of them in Ben's birthday package.  As evidenced in the following photos, the candy fan might have stole the night.

 Lakin takes note.

 And discovers it's nothing worth her time.  Back to the book.  Bennett, however, is loving his rescue bots.  I am learning so much about boy culture through my little guy.  Rescue bots are half heroes half robots.  Or something like that?

 A treasure sent with love from Miss Cathy.

 Miss Cathy knows all the best toys.  This hot wheels case unzips and becomes a track.  We took it to dinner at a friends the other night.  Amazing.  Hours of entertainment.  I bow down.

 Intermission to figure out how the heck to get the candy out of those fans.

 Lakin picked out a Costco Batman costume for Bennett.  She was just as enamored with the idea as Ben was.  What can we learn from this?   Costco might be the only place you should shop and costumes are the universal gift.

 Chris test drives the tee ball set.  Almost breaks a lamp.  NBD.

 The transformation into Batman had Bennett giggling.

 One final gift of the night, Ben now has a three wheeled scooter to eat his sister's scooter dust.

 Ben's candy fan came flying open after several attempts scattering candy like a birthday piñata.  Ben found every tiny piece and shoved it into his mouth.

 Family photo attempt #1.  Not pictured Julia who was preciously sleeping upstairs for the evening.

 Family photo attempt #2 featuring Superman and Hello Kitty personal fans.

And the framer of the evening.  The Jaegers and the Statue of Hello Kitty.

Sunday evening we had our four close family friends over for pizza and cake.  The weather was ah-mazing.  So we opened up the porch doors and spent the night on the deck and in the yard.

 Pre-party cheesing.

 I added some dinosaur spikes to the party hats.  Go ahead, pin it.

 We set up a table of play doh and mini dinosaurs for the kids to play with.  This stuff is currently all over the deck smashed into oblivion but the children has fun and it's nothing a good rain can't wash away.  At least I hope.

 Julia feeling festive.

 I am SO SAD that I put the letters in the cake in the wrong order and that I photographed it for memories sake.  Win some, lose some.

 Abe was distressed that Bennett blew out his candles during the birthday song and not after as is tradition.

 This caused panic to rise up in Bennett and he has a little moment of anxiety.

 Peyton, Reese and Holly watch the emotional roller coaster and candle blowing.

 McKinley was eating her carrots so she could have some birthday cake.

 Ruby is no stranger to cake frosting.

 Lakin and Natalie, sweet new friends who are exactly two weeks apart in age.  Praying for this sweet friendship and its development.  Lakin is missing her Rochester friends so much lately so it's wonderful to see her make new friends in St Louis.

 Matt and Ashley, new St Louis friends, but not completely new, I was in Bible study with Ashley in Columbia and Chris and Matt went to medical school together before we all moved for residency.  Matt just started his career in St Louis as well.  Our worlds came full circle in St Louis.  The medical world is small.

 Campbell loving her cupcake.

 My St Louis sisters!  Carly and Kayla.
 Matt and John representing Chiefs and cheap beer.

 John and Abe.

 Dinosaurs and cupcakes.  #winning

 In case you are wondering, the beard is being retired soon.

 Oh look, it's a half dressed Lakin.  Let the record state this swimsuit was smuggled out of the dirty clothes and into one of Lakin's many hiding hoarder stashes.  Girlfriend's got a problem.

 Kayla and Rubers.

 Abe and Bennett are best buds.  They fight like brothers but they are always excited to see one another.  This sweet moment turned sour quick.

 As you can see.

 Lakin set up a "present stage" for Ben to sit on and open gifts.  Here's the man of the hour and all the little ladies in his life - and Abe.

 The Schneiders - friends from Rochester!!!!

 Lots of super hero gifties.

 A creepy photo for the album.

 Jule Bear having a ball staying up late with her siblings.

 And the party ended with an appearance by Batman and Superman.

These two are pretty fierce, wouldn't want to get on their bad side.

Bennett told me today that he loved his birthday.  He's already thinking about when he turns four.

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