Sunday, February 14, 2016

Julia Kate {One Year}

Julia. forgive your mother for failing at the monthly updates.  Turns out three small people up in your grill day in and day out makes for a lazy blogger.  But you know we soaked up every minute of this first year with you, even if you don't have the blog posts to show for it.  Or the photos.  Or the baby book.

But hey, that's life in a family of five.

Julia's birthday was full of fever, runny noses and a lot of crying.  Lucky for Julia it won't be a permanent memory.  We spent the day at home, snuggling, crying (all of us at some point, I'm sure) and praying for some healing.  When she was feeling more herself we took her to Chipotle.  Because that is how this family loves and celebrates.  And no e. coli outbreak is going to scare us away (yeah, that's right Steve Ells, the Jaegers will always be loyal customers).

Jule Bug did put on appropriate birthday attire because a lady is never too sick to wear a tutu.

Lakin was my photographer assistant and helpful in entertaining the babe in the crib while I ran around gathering materials and switching lenses.

And here was the moment where she was D.O.N.E.  Forget this birthday photo garbage!

So what's the little Miss up to at the ripe age of one...

Julia is able to stand for a couple seconds unsupported and cruises her way around any furniture.  Walking is not even on her radar and I'll give the evil eye to anyone who shows her prematurely that if she wills them, her legs will take her where ever she wants to go.

She's an excellent night sleeper, but it took months to get there, and prefers a 5:30 or 6:00 PM bedtime.  No complaints here. I think a few of our friends here in St Louis think she's a made up baby since she's always in bed by the time they come over.

Julia shakes her head "no" when you ask her any question.  It's up to you to discern if the "no" is actually a "yes."  Which makes for some emotionally charged moments from the kid.  But she's got a couple words and new ones surface every day.  Her newest word is, "kiss" which means, "this" and she uses it to indicate when she wants anything.  For example, when I'm eating breakfast, she emphatically points and asks for my food.  It's worth noting that pretty much anything you eat in front of Julia will cause such a commotion that you have no other option than to forfeit your goods.  Persistent, that one.

She's my little shadow.  Claws at my legs, accompanies me to the bathroom, calls my name non-stop, desperately peeks around corners if I've left her sight.  Lots of validation.  Little smothering.  But all the kids had this phase and they all grow out of it.  Eventually it'll be like, "Mom, you mean the lady that makes my meals?"

Julia's infatuation/ co-dependency/ love affair with me is the reason this post took all day to write and is about two weeks late.  While I'm at it, I'll blame the dirty laundry, lack of blog posts and our incessant tardiness on it too.  Because... neediness is a thing.

Love this little lady and all the joy she brings.  When the older kids are making me crazy I hold her and smell her skin.  Which is pretty much daily.

Happy birthday, Julia Kate.  We're praying for all that the Lord has in store for you in this world.  No doubt, you will have one beautiful (and crazy) story.  

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