Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter For the Win

It was our first Easter in St. Louis and that meant we got to participate in a long standing tradition of all day Easter brunch with the Roach family.  Matt and Carly hosted us all in their new home and Dennis and Geri were in town to celebrate Easter and Geri's birthday.  The kids played hard all day, inside and out and our bellies were full from the delicious brunch spread.  Community is a large part of what brought us to St. Louis and it felt good to share this holy day with our friends and family.  

 Lakin emerged for the outdoor bubbles wearing this sequined number.  Always was a show stopper.

Our friend, Kevin, dressed as the Easter bunny and surprised the kids.  This costume was made by Kayla when she was little and has been an Easter tradition year after year.  Kevin was the most amazing E. Bunny but the kids quickly figured out his true identity.  

Julia and Bennett were leery of the bunny and shed many tears over his presence.  It's all fun and games until someone dresses like the Easter Bunny and crashes your party...

The girls gave an impromptu dance performance that really knocked our (and their) socks off.

Bennett's other best friend, Abe.  (Bennett Camp, we miss you buddy and still talk about you all the time.)

These are some of my favorite girls.

And look at dem muscles.

Scott and Kevin with their biggest fans, Abe and Bennett.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Ballu and His Family

We had the honor of hosting Ballu and his family for dinner the other night.  They are here temporarily from Nepal while Ballu is getting his PhD.  Ballu shared stories about life in Nepal, many heartbreaking, and about his heart to change his country and bring hope to the destitute through education and opportunity.  He's spent his life work studying international economics and dreaming of a new world for Nepal.  When he completes his degree in a few years he'll leave behind the comfort and convenience of America to return to his true home and tackle a gigantic task and life long dream.  I'm thankful for dreamers and doers like Ballu.  It was an honor to share a meal and stories with him and his sweet family.  I pray for Nepal and Ballu.  I am confident God's got his hands all over this mission.  

Above is our self timer attempts to get a group photo.  Nailed it, right?